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Download BeeTV for PC on Windows 10/8/8.1 & MAC

Are you tired of searching for your favorite movies or series? Now you will need only a single app to search on. BeeTV is an excellent video streaming app that gives you a great number of movies and TV shows on your Windows PC and Mac for free. You can find variety in the video content offered by this app. It is not just about the quantity. The movies and TV shows are of amazing resolution. You can access them with ease using BeeTV APK. The app is simple and efficient, which is why almost everyone prefers to use BeeTV for safe streaming.

BeeTV also acts as a crawler app. So you can choose from a variety of hosts and enjoy the best quality entertainment. Download BeeTV APK for Windows PC and Mac is a third-party streaming app and cannot be downloaded from the official store. You will need an Android emulator for this. Here, we will use the BlueStacks emulator as it is the best one. The steps for installation are explained in detail in the coming sections.

BeeTV on PC – Features of  BeeTV

BeeTV on Windows 10/8/8.1 & MAC is the largest entertainment hub for your Windows PC/Mac. With the increasing number of users, the app is coming up with new features to satisfy them.

  • The database is really vast that you can find every movie and TV show you are looking for in this app.
  • You can enable subtitles in around a hundred languages.
  • It gives you the video content in HD resolution.
  • You can watch videos in the built-in media player that supports multiple video formats.
  • The app is safe and free to access.
  • You can download the media to your PC at the highest speed.
  • It has a user-friendly interface to give you the best entertainment.

There are many more features to this app. You can find new movies and TV shows being uploaded each day on BeeTV. It offers all the features in the premium version for free. Bee TV is totally bug-free and you can download the videos safely with a click.

Install BeeTV App on Windows PC/MAC Computer (STEPS)

The download process for BeeTV APK on Windows 10/8/8.1 & MAC is quite simple and safe. There are no errors while installing or streaming on BeeTV. You will need an Android emulator on your PC to install the app. Check out the procedure given below.

You need to have BlueStacks on your PC. For this, you have to visit ( using the browser. You are required to click on Download.
You will have to go to the file location once it is downloaded and open it. A window will pop up asking for permission to install Bluestacks. Tap on the Install option.
You may have to confirm the installation. BlueStacks will be installed on the PC within some time.

Install BeeTV App on Windows PC

Now, you have to open the browser again and go to the link given below. This is the download page of BeeTV.

You need to tap on the Download button in the site and the BeeTV APK file will start downloading.
When the APK file is downloaded, you need to drag and drop it on the BlueStacks emulator window.
Bluestacks will detect the APK file. It will ask for confirmation of installation. You need to tap on Install and BeeTV will be installed within a few minutes.

Download BeeTV for PC

Final Words – BeeTV on Windows 10/8/8.1 & MAC

You have installed BeeTV APK on Windows 10/8/8.1 & MAC. This will give you unlimited entertainment time with the most amazing media library. You can stream through the great variety of genres and languages to watch your favorite shows and movies for free.

How to Install BeeTV on FireStick & Fire TV in 1 Minute (UPDATE)

Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and Hot Star are a source of infinite digital entertainment. However, not all persons prefer to pay the associated subscription fees for them. Most of these people prefer going for third-party video-on-demand streaming applications that are available for free. In this post, we are going to talk about one such third-party video-on-demand application that goes by the name of BeeTV.

Going forward, we will tell you about the steps to download and install BeeTV on Firestick/Fire TV. By installing BeeTV on Firestick/Fire TV, you can stream your favorite movie/TV show on the big screen of your television. It is needless to say over here nothing, except the multiplex, beats the movie-watching experience on a big screen of a television. Moreover, since the entire content is available in high definition, you get a perfect movie-watching experience by installing BeeTV on Firestick/Fire TV. However, before we proceed with the download and installation steps, it is mandatory to share with you the features of the application.

BeeTV APK on Firestick/Fire TV – Features

Since the time of its launch, a multitude of partners has come under agreement with BeeTV. This means you will find every popular as well as the latest movie/TV show on BeeTV. BeeTV supports multiple resolutions for playback and you can adjust the same per your internet connectivity. However, we, definitely, recommend good internet connectivity for the best experience.

It Is free to install and use the services of BeeTV.
The inventory of BeeTV has all the popular as well as the latest movies/TV shows.
You don’t need to register on the application.
You don’t need to avail any kind of subscription plan to use the application.
BeeTV won’t ask for your personal details.
Support for subtitles is present in the application.
These are some of the major features of BeeTV. If you want to experience the complete list of features of the application, then you require installing the same. Following are the steps that you require to install BeeTV on Firestick/Fire TV.

Install BeeTV App on Firestick/Fire TV [STEPS]

BeeTV is an immensely popular name in the field of video-on-demand streaming applications. It has a few popular movie/TV show websites as its partners. The application crawls over these partner websites and fetches for you the latest movies and TV shows in HD. As mentioned above, all the content available on BeeTV is free to stream.

BeeTV is a third-party application. Hence, your first step is to activate the option of ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ on your Fire device. Click-Apps-from-Unknown-Sources.

Next, please launch ‘Search’ on your Fire device and search for the ‘Downloader’ application.
BeeTV Firestick

Go ahead and install the ‘Downloader’ application on your Fire device. Please launch the ‘Downloader’ application after successful installation.

On the left side menu, tap on the ‘Home’ option.
Thereafter, on the right, you will see a space to enter the URL.
Enter the following URL [] and hit ‘Go.’
This will download the BeeTV APK file on your Firestick.
After the download is over, Firestick will automatically launch the APK file.
Provide your confirmation for installing the application.
After the installation process is over, you will see an ‘App Installed’ message.
Thereafter, your Fire device will pop up a message asking whether you wish to delete the APK file or not.
Go ahead and delete the APK file to conserve space on your Firestick.
Next, please navigate to the ‘Apps’ section and you can locate the BeeTV application at the end.
Scroll to Apps Section BeeTV Firestick
Bring it to the beginning of the list.

Launch the application and start watching your favorite movies/TV shows.

Final Words – BeeTV APK on Firestick/Fire TV

These are the steps to download and install BeeTV APK on Firestick/Fire TV. For any kind of errors/issues that you might face during the installation or while using the BeeTV application, you can reach out to us via the comments section provided below. Feel free to drop us a comment. We are always here to help you out. Also, let us know about your experience of using BeeTV on your Fire device.

BeeTV | Download BeeTV APK Android, iOS & PC

BeeTV crawls over its partner websites and brings to you some of the most popular movies and TV shows for free. Initially, BeeTV did not see much attention from entertainment seekers due to the lack of versatility in content. However, with time, BeeTV has collaborated with more websites and its inventory has grown rapidly.

You can install BeeTV on Android, iOS, Firestick/Fire TV, and Windows PC/MAC Computer. This multi-platform compatibility of BeeTV is one of the primary factors; the application is witnessing a massive increase in its user base. Going forward, let us have a look at some of the major features of BeeTV.

Best Features of BeeTV

As mentioned above, Download BeeTV collaborated with more websites to bring fresh and the latest content for its users. Today the inventory of BeeTV consists of all the popular as well as latest movies/TV shows that are free to stream. Moreover, the playback supports multiple resolutions and you can choose a resolution that suits best to the internet connectivity at your place.

The user interface of BeeTV is highly responsive and smooth.

You do not have to perform any kind of registration to use the application.

There is no requirement of availing any kind of subscription plan.

You can download your favorite content to local storage for offline viewing.

The playback supports subtitles.

It is a lightweight application.

There is no need to root your Android phone to install BeeTV.

There is no need to jailbreak your iOS device to install BeeTV.

In short, Latest BeeTV has enough capability to be a source of infinite entertainment for you. Following are the steps to download and install BeeTV on Android, iOS, Firestick/Fire TV, and Windows PC/MAC Computer.

Install BeeTV APP on iOS

You require the help of TutuApp to install BeeTV on iOS.
TutuApp is a third-party iOS App Installer. Click here to install TutuApp on your iOS device.
Launch TutuApp and an interface similar to the original App Store will greet you.
tutu app on iOS
Navigate to the ‘Search’ section and conduct a search for BeeTV.
Tap on the search result to go to the application information screen.
From here, install BeeTV just as you install any other regular application from the Apple App Store.
Interface of BeeTV ios
Do not forget to trust the profile of BeeTV after successful installation.
Launch the tutu app on iOS​ from the home screen of your iPhone/iPad.

Install BeeTV APP on PC/Mac

Please download and install Bluestacks on your Windows PC/MAC Computer.
Bluestacks is the perfect Android emulator to run BeeTV on your PC.
After successful installation of the emulator, download the BeeTV APK file from here 
Right-click on the APK and from the pop-up that comes, select Open With -> Bluestacks.
Bluestacks will automatically install the APK on your PC.
After successful installation, you can locate the icon of BeeTV on the home screen of the Android Emulator.

BeeTV APK ScreenShots

BeeTV APK ScreenShots

BeeTV Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q – BeeTV Installation Crashing on Android
Check whether you have toggled on the option of ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ or not. This is required since BeeTV is a third-party application.

Q – BeeTV Not Launching on iOS
Make sure you trust the profile of BeeTV after successful installation.

Q – BeeTV No Links Working/No Links Available
Please install a reliable VPN Service and then try again. Sometimes, this is just some server maintenance tasks and the links start working in a few minutes.

Q – BeeTV is crashing on my device
If the application used to work initially, check whether any new update for the application is available or not. If not, then please try deleting and reinstalling the application.

Today, the name of BeeTV shines in the list of some of the most popular third-party streaming applications. What makes BeeTV ahead of its competitors is that the entire content is available in high definition. Latest content might not be quickly available on BeeTV, but the little wait is definitely worth it as you get to see high-resolution and quality content.

We have reached at the end of this post. If you have any questions or queries that you wish to keep forward, drop the same in the comments section provided below. In addition, we will also like to know about your experience of using BeeTV on your preferred platform. We look forward to hear from you.

BeeTV APK Is Now Available For Any User To Entertain Themselves.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching movies and television shows? There will very certainly be few people who answer ‘Yes.’ The enthusiasm and craziness surrounding internet streaming programs stem from people’s passion for movies and television series. This piece will look at a program known as ‘BeeTV,’ which is acquiring a lot of publicity thanks to its streaming capabilities. There is no content hosted on the application. Instead, it works with several media websites, crawling them to find information that matches the user’s search parameters.


BeeTV APK’s popularity is amplified because it is accessible on various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows/Mac PC/Laptop, and Firestick. You won’t need to go anywhere else to obtain the specific instructions for each platform since, in this post, we’ll show you how to download and install BeeTV on each of the platforms listed above. However, before we go any further, we must first go through the application’s main features.

Install BeeTV APK | Requirements

An Android device running Android 5.0 or above is required.

Please ensure that your Android smartphone has at least 100 MB of free space.
To watch movies and TV episodes without buffering or lagging, you’ll need a strong internet connection.
To play the HD video smoothly, your Android smartphone must have more than 1 GB of RAM.
Ensure that the ‘Unknown Sources’ option on your Android phone is switched on. This is necessary because you will be installing a third-party application on your Android smartphone that is not accessible on the Google Play Store.

How to Install BeeTV APK on Android Phones and Tablets

The APK file you downloaded will be in the ‘Downloads’ folder.

Would you mind going to that location and touching on it to begin the Bee TV APK installation process on your Android smartphone?

When you click on the APK file, a pop-up window will appear asking if you want to install the program. Please proceed with the installation procedure by clicking on ‘Install.’

Bee TV APK will begin installing itself on your Android smartphone after you press the ‘Install’ button. Please be patient; the installation procedure should take no longer than a minute.

You will see an ‘App Installed’ notice after the installation procedure is completed. To exit the installation screen, hit the ‘Done button.

After the installation process user can simply choose the language he/she wants After all you can watch any movie or TV series in any genre

How to Install BeeTV APK on Android TV Box & Smart TV.

Before proceeding, you must also enable the ‘Installation from Unknown Sources’ option.
Would you mind opening the Browser app on your Android TV Box or Smart TV and browsing to this page to download the most recent BeeTV APK?
Please find the downloaded APK on the Local Disk using the File Explorer tool. To begin the installation process, tap on the same.
Please remember to remove the APK file once the installation is complete to save space on your Android TV Box or Smart TV (LG, Samsung, MI, VU, OnePlus, Philips).

Install the BeeTV app on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad)

To install BeeTV on your iPhone or iPad, you must first download ‘AppValley’ to your iOS device. AppValley is a third-party App Store that stores iOS apps that aren’t included in Apple’s official App Store.
AppValley may be downloaded and installed from here, or BeeTV can be downloaded directly from here for iOS.
After you’ve installed AppValley, don’t forget to trust the profile.
Launch AppValley and search for ‘BeeTV,’ then install it the same way any other software from the official App Store.

The finest entertainment center to watch limitless movies and TV shows is BeeTV APK Download.

You must first launch the Latest BeeTV on your Android device.
A handful of films will be shown on the big screen.
In the top left corner of the app, you’ll find a menu choice.
Please select whether you want to watch movies or TV series by tapping on it.
At the top of the page, there is a search option.
Please search for your content by entering its name.
Choose the type of information you want to see. It will offer you a brief description before allowing you to press the Play button.
You may receive a message to download the built-in video player if you hit Play. Continue without it.

BeeTV App Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q – Is The Installation Process Failing to Begin?

A – Before beginning the installation, make sure that the option for ‘Unknown Sources’ is switched on

Q – Is this application unable to find any movies or television shows?

A – In this situation, make sure your internet connection is up and running. If the internet is operating correctly, the application’s servers may be offline for maintenance. So before attempting again, please wait at least 24 hours.

 Q – Is the BeeTV app available for iOS?

A – BeeTV is a video streaming service provided by a third party. As a result, it isn’t available on the App Store. You may, however, install this software on your iOS devices without risk. It doesn’t even necessitate jailbreaking your iOS smartphone. You only need a reliable third-party source.

Q – Does BeeTV enable videos to be viewed on other Android media players?

A – Using any Android media player, you may view your favorite movies and TV shows on BeeTV APK. MX Player has been demonstrated to deliver the most outstanding results. All of the videos are in high definition. The BeeTV app comes with a built-in media player.

Q – Why does the BeeTV app show a long period of buffering?

A – You may have noticed that the video material in BeeTV does not always play and buffers. This is because the app has been thoroughly tested. You may learn more about why this happens and how to remedy it by reading the article below.

Q – How can I acquire the most recent version of the BeeTV app?

A – The BeeTV app has been updating, offering you a slew of new features to make streaming even more enjoyable. If a new update is available, the app will notify you. You may also receive the updated version by visiting the official BeeTV website.

Q – Does the BeeTV APK commonly display the No Data error?

A – Obviously not. When the network connection is down, there is no data error display. The most prevalent causes of this problem are given in the accompanying information. It also outlines how to correct the problem

Q – Are there any video streaming applications that are similar to BeeTV?

A – BeeTV is a fantastic streaming software that offers an extensive library of free movies and TV series. However, if you are dissatisfied with the app, you may want to consider some of the other options listed above.

Q – Is there a subtitle section in the BeeTV APK app?

A – The BeeTV app features one of the most extensive subtitles sections available. BeeTV provides access to video material from across the world. As a result, it offers subtitles in more than a thousand languages. MX Player even allows you to incorporate subtitles in your language.

We will provide a working solution on a priority basis. We hope the download and installation instructions for BeeTV on Android, iOS, PC/Laptop (Windows & Mac), and Firestick were clear. Please let us know if you run into any problems during the installation process or when using the program in the comments area below

Peggo apk Free Download for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Peggo is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that records MP3 songs and MP4 videos of your favorite YouTube and SoundCloud tracks.

Peggo has features like unwanted silence removal, volume normalization, integrated search, metadata discovery, subtract offsets, and artist and title tags.

Peggo apk

Special Features of Peggo App:

High-Quality Songs:

Peggo records High-quality MP3 songs.

Removes Silence:

Peggo removes the silence which will begin at the beginning and the end of the videos.

Video Recording:

Peggo records the MP4 videos of your favorite from mobile-friendly quality to high quality.

Discovery of Metadata:

Data of the songs fill correctly like the name of the album, artist name, etc.

Supports Subtract:

Peggo has an excellent feature that it records just only the portion of the song which you need.

ID3 Tags:

Unwanted tags like HD, lyrics, and 1080p are automatically removed.

No Advertisements:

One of the finest features is that it does not contain any annoying advertisements, pop-ups, etc.

Real-time Recording:

No lagging, No delay, No waiting. start downloading within seconds.

Integrated Search:

Easy, Simple, and Quick Search by Peggo.


The tune you’re most wanted videos on Youtube and SoundCloud.

How to Download and Install Peggo APK:

How to enable unknown sources?

You will find unknown sources in the settings of your smartphones.

Goto settings

Scroll down and you will find security.

Click Security.

Scroll down and you will find unknown sources. Enable it so that it can allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

To Download the Peggo app click here.

Note: Make sure that your mobile is an internet connection. Please note that Peggo APK is not found in the Google Play Store, Apple Play Store, etc.

It takes some time to download. Once the download completes, Open that file and proceed with the installation.

Once installed, Open the app and enjoy tuning your favorite music.

Peggo app is compatible with all the platforms Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, etc.

TeaTv APK App - Download Latest Version Apk For Android/PC 2024

TeaTV Apk: This is a powerful video streaming app that is specially designed for Android users. Although it was first available only for Android devices, it now supports iOS devices as well. Now all are availed to use this streaming application on your smart device, smart TV, or PC. TeaTV App is free to download on any device and you can stream any video completely free of charge with the app. You can find the latest hits, as well as the oldest hits through this app. It is always to share high-quality video content with you so watch and enjoy your favorite movies and TV series.


People visit cinema halls to watch the latest released movies in the past times. But now with the revolution of technology, they used to watch movies on their PCs and laptops. Nowadays most trending way of watching movies is using video streaming apps. With the TeaTV APK app, you access a world of movies and TV shows. This revolutionary app is a top choice for streaming enthusiasts seeking diverse and engaging content.

This Time People are busy so most of us don’t have enough time to visit cinema halls. But thanks to the latest video streaming apps, we can watch our favorite movies even at bedtime for free.

TeaTv APK App Features 2024

TeaTV has provided various features to users. We have listed out some of the best and top features of the Tea TV app. So, please take a quick look below. Let’s know the different elements involved with the TeaTv APK application.

It gives us access to newly released movies TV shows and more.
wide range of videos and categories
download videos and watch offline
Not only movies but also gives access to comedy or other sporting events.
run with low internet use.

Free Movies & TV Shows

Like any other online media streaming app, Tea TV allows you to watch most of the popular movies and television shows for free. You can stream any movie or show which is freely available on the web. Just use the search bar to find a specific result. And Tea TV App will show you all the best links available using which you can directly watch your video content.

Discover by Category

In this app, you can filter out video content by category. To do so, tap on the menu button at the left corner and then tap on ‘Category’. Another great way to find out the best movies and web series is by going into the ‘Discover’ section. Once you’re here, you can see the Movies and TV Shows by the tags popularity, Now playing, and trending. So, this is a great place to see the best and filtered things.

How to Install TeaTV APK on an Android Phone

Downloading Teatv APK is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. As Teatv is not available on the Google Play Store, it must be downloaded from an external source.

First, ensure that your Android device has the option to allow installations from unknown sources enabled. This can be done by going to your device’s settings, selecting “Security,” and then toggling the “Unknown Sources” option.

  • Next, open your device’s browser and go to the official Teatv website (
  • Click on the “Download Teatv APK” button to begin the download process.
  • Once the download is complete, locate the Teatv APK file in your device’s downloads folder.
  • Click on the Teatv APK file to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • After installation is complete, you can access Teatv APK from your device’s home screen or app drawer. Enjoy unlimited access to a wide range of movies and TV shows with Teatv APK!

Why is Teatv in Spanish?

Some users may find that when using Teatv, the language displayed is Spanish instead of their preferred language. This can be due to a few reasons:

The app detects that the user’s device is set to Spanish as the primary language, and automatically sets the language accordingly.
The app may have been downloaded from a Spanish-language website or app store, which defaults the language to Spanish.
It’s possible that the user accidentally changed the language settings within the app, resulting in the display language being set to Spanish.

To change the language you need to follow these steps:

Open the Teatv app and go to the “Settings” section.
Look for the “Language” option and select their preferred language from the list.
Save the changes and exit the settings menu. The app should now display in the selected language.

TeaTV for Roku

Roku is one of the simplest and easiest ways to stream video content on your TV. On Roku, you can easily mirror your Android screen to watch your content. This means you will easily be able to watch the same content as being streamed on your phone.

Before installing Tea TV on Roku, make sure to install it on your Android device first. Once done, click on the below button to go through the article to learn How to Install TeaTV on Roku.

TeaTV for Firestick

Fire TV Stick is a very popular Roku Alternative device that allows you to use more than 3000+ apps including YouTube NetFlix Vimeo, etc. You will also be able to stream movies and TV shows through a variety of entertainment apps.

There is no direct store to download and install Tea TV on FireStick. You will need to follow a detailed tutorial to do so. Click on the below button to know more.

TeaTV Apk Latest Features

TeaTV Apk Latest Features: The latest TeaTV application offers a wide range of features such as being able to preview videos before watching (similar to the approach done by YouTube), and also a built-in AI. The app developers have deployed an AI to properly arrange the videos and web series based on user interest. This makes it easier for users to find interesting movies or TV series as the contents displayed onscreen are tailored based on interest.

TeaTV Apk Latest Features

TeaTV Apk Latest Features

Clean UI

well, a good user interface (UI) is a good indication of how the developers really strive hard to make a top-notch user experience for their products. Thankfully, this is the case with that. The TeaTV features are very simple but good-looking UI which reacts quite well to gestures as with any other commercial streaming services app. It’s classified, and very easy to navigate. Swiping to the left reveals all the content categories and that’s pretty much it. Its straightforward and seamless approach is too good to not give the app a thumbs up. And knowing that this is a free application, makes it even better.

Multiplayer Support

has its own third-party media player called TPlayer. It’s available on the Google Play Store and offers a lot of features. However, TeaTV also gives users a choice to use their own preferred media player. When you stream a video on the app for the first time, it will ask you which of the installed media players you prefer to use (MX Player, VLC Player, etc.)

Safe Mode

in some other commercial streaming services, there’s no way to block adult content from showing up on your screen. And it’s embarrassing if someone accidentally peeks at it and sees something that is NSFW. So it’s always quite handy to have a Safe Mode feature on any media streaming application. TeaTV didn’t skip on this one. They have it. This feature will allow you to automatically hide adult content from showing up on your screen, but it can also be disabled just in case you need some naughty me-time. This isn’t a new feature though. YouTube has been using this for years now, but it’s still a neat feature to have on a free streaming application like TeaTV.

Live TV

well, TeaTV is nothing without its Live TV feature. These channels were pulled straight from cable channels, and TeaTV is streaming them live and in real-time for free. Not only that, TeaTV is streaming Live TV channels in high-definition (HD) so the quality will still be decent even after you cast it on your smart TV. Note that these are all streaming in real-time, so know the time slot of your favorite shows so as not to miss it.

HD Streaming

thanks to a faster internet connection, streaming high-definition (HD) content has now been made possible. TeaTV offers all its content in high-definition (HD), which means, that casting the content on a larger display will look just fine and will not look like it was shot on a potato camera. However, in case your internet is not strong enough to stream the content in high-definition, it will automatically adjust to the quality that fits your internet speed.

Offline Mode

TeaTV also allows users to download movies and TV Series for offline viewing. This is a very convenient feature if you have a super slow internet speed, and want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the go. I usually save content for offline use a day before I travel just to make sure I have something to watch if I got bored along the way, or if there’s no internet connection in the area I’m traveling to. So this is a very convenient feature for me, and something I would really consider for a media streaming app.

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