Tea TV iOS Download, Tea TV Apk for iPhone and iPad

Apple products are a standard of class among the people. Nowadays. iPhone, iPad, and Mac books have become a smart combo for elitists. However, iOS users face quite a pickle regarding entertainment platforms. Apple has pretty rigid policies for approving apps. For example, the app based on the famous US TV show ‘South Park’, was rejected by Apple in 2009. Additionally, the platforms need a different version for iOS as it is a custom OS.

Between the subscription charges for online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc., and limited support by iOS, the users have to pay a substantial amount. This is where TeaTV comes in!

TeaTV is an online media streaming service that enables users to watch first-rated TV shows, Movies, trailers, documentaries, etc. without spending a single dime. It is a smartly designed app with a friendly UI, a variety of content with multilingual subtitles, different video resolutions(360p/48p/720p/1080p), and no need for registration.

How to download Tea TV for iPhone and iPad?

A dedicated version of TeaTV iOS has not been developed. However, iOS users have two options to download it.
  1. Download an alternative app with similar functions like Movies Diary.
  2. Simply go to the Apple App Store and search for Movies Diary.
  3. A pop-up will appear asking to permit download, choose the start and the download will commence.
  4. When the download is completed, an icon will be created on your iPhone or iPad screen.
  5. Launch the app and you have exposure to exceptional media content.
  6. Download an IPA file on a PC and then insert it into iOS devices.
  7. Firstly, a supporting tool like the Cydia Impactor tool (preferably v0.9.51) needs to be downloaded on the PC.
  8. Now download the TeaTV IPA file from a 3rd party website.

TeaTV iPhone App features

The main feature of TeaTV is Live TV, which allows streaming live sports, news, shows, etc. This attribute parallels TeaTV to streaming platforms like Hotstar, Vodafone Play, JIO Cinema, etc.
The app does have advertisements, but they can be skipped easily while watching videos. With a premium account, you can pay a minimal amount and contribute to sustaining the app.
Additionally, TeaTV has a family-friendly feature of parental control. This masks the adult content on the app.
All the latest TV show episodes, movies, and media content promptly get uploaded on TeaTV, making it a perfect streaming platform for iOS users.

How to install TeaTV on iPhone & iPad?

Before installing TeaTV iOS, some initial requirements need to be fulfilled. The device should have the latest version of iOS (8.1 to 10.1). As mentioned earlier, the TeaTV IPA file needs to be externally injected into your device. Follow the below-mentioned steps now.
  1. With TeaTV downloaded on PC, connect the iOS device to it via a USB cable.
  2. Open the Cydia Impactor tool.
  3. Drag & Drop the Tea IPA in the tool.
  4. The tool will ask for your Apple ID and password to sign the IPA file, do the needful.
  5. After installation is done, go to Settings>General>Profiles and find the one matching your Apple ID.
  6. Open the app and select the ‘Trust Button’
  7. Now disconnect the app and enjoy its perks.

In a nutshell, TeaTV iOS is a fun addition to your iOS devices. With 150+ premium TV shows, Movies, Documentaries, and so on, it practically creates a one-stop-shop for entertainment on your device. Most importantly, the easy availability and free access is a taste of freedom for iOS users with firm standards of iOS. Enjoy the unlimited entertainment at the click of an icon!

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