TeaTV Apk Latest Features

TeaTV Apk Latest Features: The latest TeaTV application offers a wide range of features such as being able to preview videos before watching (similar to the approach done by YouTube), and also a built-in AI. The app developers have deployed an AI to properly arrange the videos and web series based on user interest. This makes it easier for users to find interesting movies or TV series as the contents displayed onscreen are tailored based on interest.

TeaTV Apk Latest Features

TeaTV Apk Latest Features

Clean UI

well, a good user interface (UI) is a good indication of how the developers really strive hard to make a top-notch user experience for their products. Thankfully, this is the case with that. The TeaTV features are very simple but good-looking UI which reacts quite well to gestures as with any other commercial streaming services app. It’s classified, and very easy to navigate. Swiping to the left reveals all the content categories and that’s pretty much it. Its straightforward and seamless approach is too good to not give the app a thumbs up. And knowing that this is a free application, makes it even better.

Multiplayer Support

has its own third-party media player called TPlayer. It’s available on the Google Play Store and offers a lot of features. However, TeaTV also gives users a choice to use their own preferred media player. When you stream a video on the app for the first time, it will ask you which of the installed media players you prefer to use (MX Player, VLC Player, etc.)

Safe Mode

in some other commercial streaming services, there’s no way to block adult content from showing up on your screen. And it’s embarrassing if someone accidentally peeks at it and sees something that is NSFW. So it’s always quite handy to have a Safe Mode feature on any media streaming application. TeaTV didn’t skip on this one. They have it. This feature will allow you to automatically hide adult content from showing up on your screen, but it can also be disabled just in case you need some naughty me-time. This isn’t a new feature though. YouTube has been using this for years now, but it’s still a neat feature to have on a free streaming application like TeaTV.

Live TV

well, TeaTV is nothing without its Live TV feature. These channels were pulled straight from cable channels, and TeaTV is streaming them live and in real-time for free. Not only that, TeaTV is streaming Live TV channels in high-definition (HD) so the quality will still be decent even after you cast it on your smart TV. Note that these are all streaming in real-time, so know the time slot of your favorite shows so as not to miss it.

HD Streaming

thanks to a faster internet connection, streaming high-definition (HD) content has now been made possible. TeaTV offers all its content in high-definition (HD), which means, that casting the content on a larger display will look just fine and will not look like it was shot on a potato camera. However, in case your internet is not strong enough to stream the content in high-definition, it will automatically adjust to the quality that fits your internet speed.

Offline Mode

TeaTV also allows users to download movies and TV Series for offline viewing. This is a very convenient feature if you have a super slow internet speed, and want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the go. I usually save content for offline use a day before I travel just to make sure I have something to watch if I got bored along the way, or if there’s no internet connection in the area I’m traveling to. So this is a very convenient feature for me, and something I would really consider for a media streaming app.

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